I’m Online

I’m here, and ready to get postin’!

I’ll post up a taster of something I made a few months back; once I figure out how things work around here. (I think I’ll use this post as an introduction.. thing)

I plan to use this space to post up some things I create, with outcomes from what I get up to in my spare time and what I end up producing from university. This will eventually turn out to be a nice back-track of my work, showing how far I have come through the years – and hopefully everyone can get something out of this too !

I like tons of things, so there’s bound to be a good variety of stuff here for everyone (including myself) to enjoy.

If you’d like to know a bit more about me check out this !

I like to ramble a lot, so some bits I post up will have a nice little paragraph with my thoughts and stuff like that. It helps me keep track of what I’m thinking, and gives you a little insight too :^D

There will be many things posting up anytime soon, so keep checking back for any new additions.

Cheers –

Pete   <|:^]


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