Origami Kusudama

I made this origami model a few months ago, but thought it would be a good first post!

It’s actually made up of 30 folded paper squares (modules). In case anyone is wondering, altogether it took me about 5-6 hours~ish to make. Maybe less, but I can’t remember that far back, and I made it on/off for a few days. – I had to learn this from scratch, fold each square separately and figure out how they all slot together. No glue is used for this, each piece of paper folds and tucks together!

I’m  fan of photography, and love taking shots like this. The detail really comes through, and although it’s not the real thing, you can get an idea of how fiddly these are to make. I will definitely be posting up some more pictures of other kusudamas I make later on.

Unfortunately I can’t take the glory of designing this particular model, a diagram was used to make the modules, all I did was figure out how they all fixed together. Although, if I think something would look a bit better a different way I may tweak the designs a little bit as I go along.

Eventually when I get the chance I will start designing my very own kusudama. But that will come in time.



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