Bored Games

Here is some artwork I recently developed for a local band. This image included so many photographs which I had to layer up and edit, along with plenty of hours on Photoshop. I always manage to spot little flaws when I’m finished, so I’ve had to return to this a good few times to re-edit.

I wasn’t happy with any typeface that I found, so every letter I used is actually a photograph of individual words from the rest of the Cluedo game board. Each letter has been photographed, scaled and edited further in Photoshop to complete the words – it took up a lot of time, but I’m happy with the outcome of this method!

I’m currently in the process of designing a sleeve for the EP and a design for the EP CD. I might get a chance to post some finals up here in the future.

Bored Games are up-coming, and releasing their EP in the very near future! If you’re interested, lots more info at Bored Games !



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