Relief Printing

I’ve just realised I haven’t posted anything up in nearly a week! I’ve been mega busy, but I got my prints back today which I did last Friday. I made 5 in total, but here are the best of the set.

Relief printing is literally taking a print from a block – this is basically a more complicated potato-print !

A lot of thought had to go into this as I had to cut away sections of it at a time, print it, chisel away a bit more, then print it again over the same image etc. It took up an entire day, and I could have easily spent many more hours on it. It’s great coming up with a cool design on a computer, but the texture of the print means it’s never exactly the same, and that just can’t be beaten.

I would LOVE to say I came up with this design,and although I changed a couple of bits, and mixed up the colours, it is actually a recent print from a bloke called Ben Newman. He has an exhibition currently on at Nobrow called Masks, and I definitely recommend having a look – he’s made wooden masks to accompany these prints too, they’re amazing.

In other news, I’m in the middle of designing and building a book-binding clamp, which will no doubt come in handy very shortly (I’ll post up a picture of my book-binding results in a couple of weeks!) In the meantime, keep checking back for some more stuff I post up in the next few days!



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