My Favourite Origami Kusudama (So Far)

I made this kusudama a few days ago, and then got to work on taking a photo a few days later. As you can see by the title, this is my favourite kusudama that I’ve made up to this point, so I really wanted a great picture to capture this. I love this image just as much as the model itself!

This is the first time I’ve used a print for my origami, and from the results it definitely won’t be the last – (watch this space!)

The paper is (another) print from Ben Newman, I bought it as wrapping paper, and cut it all up to fold. It took a long time, but well worth it.

-Got lots of stuff to post up here in the coming week!-

I’m still working on my 3 week typography project, so will probably post up some more work-in-progress before the final deadline next week. I’m happy with what I’m producing at the moment, so I’d like to post up some stuff in a few days when I get a chance.

I also had an printmaking-etching workshop at university last week, and will get my prints at the end of the week – so I will post that up at a later date too.


  1. Jonners said:

    Hey Pete, Jonners here.
    I was wondering if you’d seen ISO50, it’s a design blog that has loads of typographical and design works that seem to be up your street. The guy also has a really cool IDM project.

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