Chinglish / Englese

These are my final outcomes for my 3 week typography project. In short, the brief was to design a handwritten type with inspiration and ideas from Peckham. I steered towards how there were so many different languages, and not all were eligible (sometimes not even the English words!) I found that I liked the shapes of the Asian words, so chose to develop this a bit more. The letters I created here are actual parts ripped apart from real Chinese words that I found in my research.

I originally came up with my first type, Chinglish (half Chinese, half English). But it is obviously a little tricky to work out. I loved that about my work, but found there are alternatives to this – so I created Englese (half English, half Chinese). This still takes a bit of working out, but it is a lot easier to understand. I like both outcomes, and think they both go together really well.

Rather than work in a sketchbook, I wanted to work on separate sheets. I then bound all of the pages together, and created my own book from all of the work I had done purely for this project. I really like this, it looks clean, crisp, and I’m extremely happy with the results. My plan is to create books for each separate project I do, with each project having a different coloured cover. I can imagine a shelf of my hand-bound books at the end of the year, which in itself is a great drive to get me through these projects!

Currently working on a couple more origami kusudamas, so might  put up a group of them later in the month. I’ve also just started another very interesting project – I can’t wait to get stuck in! I’ll explain all in my next post with some work-in-progress!

[I apologise that the pictures of the two final outcomes are a little bad, I don’t have access to a scanner, and the lighting in my flat is awful! If I get a better set of pictures I’ll update this post.]


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