Letterpress Workshop

This week at uni I had a one-day brief where a letterpress had to be used to create the final outcomes. It was tons of fun, and I learnt so much. I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to use the letterpress facilities again later in the year as I’d love to do it again now I have a better idea of how things work.

On to the brief! – My group were tasked to pick a book from a small selection (all of the books supplied contained a mainly typographic cover). We had to either copy the book as it was, or we could change it how we liked – this workshop was purely to get us into the knowledge of the process. I chose to stick with the original type, in this case it was Times, but I wanted to change it up a little to give myself some freedom and creativity.

I should’ve taken a picture of the original cover, but the thought didn’t strike me until now (sorry!) It was the same as what I have here, but ‘Problems’ was written out normally. I just wanted to explore this and see what basic stuff could be done, so I tested with spacing and letter orientation. When it came to printing, I only inked up parts of the word to see what effect that would have.

I really like the result, and I will hopefully be posting up some more letterpress work in the very near future !



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