Old Project, Continued To New Project/s

I posted last week that I started a very interesting project; well here it is! We had to visit a charity shop and buy any object we wanted. (There was a £5 limit, but I don’t think anyone would’ve past that budget anyway!) I’ve had a brief using this object for the past week which I’ve just finished (see below! ..Once you’ve read this!) I’m now onto another 2 projects, both use my object, and both need to be handed in on the 28th. They run together and also compliment alongside each other.

One of the briefs is to find out more about our object. This could literally be ANYTHING. I’ve gone from researching the material to finding out how any pencils I can fit inside (don’t ask). Then we have to create a book of some sort, including a type of narrative about our object. This is wide open, and the possibilities are endless. I’m excited to see what I’ll come up with – I’ll try and put up some work-in-progress in a week or so, and then I’ll post up the final outcome !

A little bit about my object: To me, it resembles a ‘dugout’. As far as I know, it’s definitely not made from the wood of a tree in Europe. It is likely to come from rain forests in South America-ish. This is interesting in itself, but I think I’ve also worked out which tree it could be from! The name is a Ceiba Pentandra (Kapok). It has many interesting uses too; it can be used as a diuretic, an aphrodisiac, a painkiller for headaches, a treatment for type II diabetes, and can be used as an addition to a hallucinogenic drink called Ayahuasca! I have plenty to go on, so we’ll see how far I get!

This is an incredibly sketchy outcome, but the brief was to create 10 drawings from inspiration from our object. I went on the fact that dugout canoes were made many years ago by Native Americans. I researched into this and found out the process they went through to create their dugouts. I also saw some images of their cave paintings, and figured that would be a good direction to go.

Each page is a separate process of making a dugout, but when they are all added together they make up a cave painting in itself. I love the idea of this, but I reckon I could go into the drawings with a little more detail. They’re meant to be cave drawings anyway, but I feel it just looks like I rushed through it (I didn’t I promise!) Hopefully I’ll get a chance to come back to this and carry out a quick re-do.

This was a massive post, but thanks for reading through it. As I said before, I’ll post up some work-in-progress when I’m at a stage where something looks decent enough to photograph. Have a good week !


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  1. jonny said:

    this blog is really well written, apart from the one mistype ;) its sad, but i do really enjoy reading it! your course looks awesome :D

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