Screenprinting & Mythology

This is my first ever screen print, so it was mainly to get a taste of what it is, how it works etc. I had so much fun, and it’s so hands on – I love it!

I used the drawing from my current project (see below!), and added a few block colours to it. Maybe I could’ve done a better job with the colour combination, but I’m just glad I managed to get through my screen printing workshop without any disasters! I definitely plan to use this technique in the future, and hopefully I’ll get a bit more confident and experimental with it as time goes on. This is quite a short post, so I thought I’d tell one story from this picture which I will eventually make into an illustrated book along with other myths, legends and tales.

Xtabay Women

One Mayan legend is the ancient tale of the Xtabay women. If you were a young man walking through the forest at night, you must make sure you don’t come into contact with these spirits. Any soft whispers and sweet songs must be ignored so as to not be drawn in. It is also advised to keep your eyes firmly in the centre of the path, for if you catch a glimpse of the beautiful lady’s eyes you will render yourself helpless to her. If you are unfortunate enough to gaze into her eyes, you will be overwhelmed by love. She will beckon you over, and you will not be able to resist. You will feel her embrace, only to then fall into a deep hypnotic sleep.When you wake you will find you have  fatal wounds, and realise that you have been embracing a spiny cactus. These wounds can be fatal, which will cause fever and often death.



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