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I wanted to photograph all of the kusudamas I’ve made (to help me keep track more than anything) – so here they are! I have made another one, but it got damaged before I could take a photograph of it, so I haven’t put it up.

A few of these have been uploaded to Watch Me Pivot. It’s a great place to find some interesting work, so check it out if you can:




Here are some snaps of the outcome from my most recent uni project. The white covered book is the outcome, and the green book is my sketch book (see previous post for info on that!) I’ve already spoken quite a bit about this project, so I won’t repeat myself. But if you fancy knowing more about this, check out my past posts!


Just a quick post on what I plan to do throughout my time at uni:

When I’m working, I prefer to work on separate pages. I’d buy a sketchbook, but always end up ripping the pages out and switching the order around. This meant that I would get stuck at the end of my project when I would be expected to show my work in some sort of order – so I found a way around this!

These are books that I have hand-bound myself. For each major project I do at uni I’ll be making these books as a separate outcome. By the end of the year I’ll [hopefully] have a really nice collection of work that’s great to look at. Each project will have a different coloured cover, so a bookshelf of these would look great!

It involves A LOT of effort, especially trimming down all of the pages to fit together as one book, but I think the outcome is worth it. I know it really doesn’t look like much now when I stack them up together, but soon it will be cool, I promise!

Once I’ve made a hearty collection of these books I’ll post up a picture !


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