My Sketchbook Idea

Just a quick post on what I plan to do throughout my time at uni:

When I’m working, I prefer to work on separate pages. I’d buy a sketchbook, but always end up ripping the pages out and switching the order around. This meant that I would get stuck at the end of my project when I would be expected to show my work in some sort of order – so I found a way around this!

These are books that I have hand-bound myself. For each major project I do at uni I’ll be making these books as a separate outcome. By the end of the year I’ll [hopefully] have a really nice collection of work that’s great to look at. Each project will have a different coloured cover, so a bookshelf of these would look great!

It involves A LOT of effort, especially trimming down all of the pages to fit together as one book, but I think the outcome is worth it. I know it really doesn’t look like much now when I stack them up together, but soon it will be cool, I promise!

Once I’ve made a hearty collection of these books I’ll post up a picture !



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