Untitled Game – Past Work [1]

I’m ashamed I haven’t posted anything in almost a month now. I’ve refused to take any materials with me back home for Christmas to force myself to have a proper break, so I haven’t been producing anything for the past month.  HOWEVER, I have plenty of bits and bobs from last year that I did for my Art & Design Foundation course that I’d like to show. I’ll spread them out a bit, so in the coming weeks I’ll have some work from the present, and some from the past year – just to make my blog a bit more interesting.

Onto the info: This was a 1 week project used as a last-minute ‘portfolio builder’ for uni. I made up this game from scratch, designing the game along with everything else. The design was tricky, especially the fittings inside the box, and ensuring the lid to fit perfectly and securely. I remember feeling really rushed to complete this, especially with only a week. Looking back, there are a few things I would change. I know at the time I had good reason to use newspaper as a cover, but I really can’t remember it now. Perhaps I should’ve used something else instead.

The rules in brief: Basically, each set of images are layered up to build the shape of an animal. The pictures are made from the first letter of the animal (for example, the penguin was made from the letter P). The aim is to rotate the squares until you finish with the animal shape. It’s a simple concept, but pretty hard to complete! In the 2nd picture you can partly see the picture of a penguin tied with the blue band, and how each square contains one ‘P’.

More to come soon!



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