MiniMart – Past Work [2]

Had a spare few minutes, so I decided to post up some more work I did from last year. This was a project where we were all given a shop at random, and then tasked to create an identity from scratch. I was given a supermarket to brand.

I decided to steer towards the idea of children’s shopping, that’s why I came up with a name like ‘Mini’Mart. This was a nice project to do as it meant I could make my work anything I wanted without having to stick to a brief. It needed to appeal to both kids and parents – it was a challenge to mix fun yet practical, but hopefully I achieved that.

There’s not really much else to explain about this, but what I would say is I’d like to start creating more work on a computer. I usually tend to hand render and build physical objects as outcomes, but it would be a good for me to start using Illustrator and Photoshop more often. Not necessarily for my uni projects, but perhaps just producing stuff in my spare time to get in some experience.



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