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This is some extension work I am currently working on. I made a few posts about this project when it was first set (see HERE), now I’ve come back to it to produce some more content for it. I already had the typeface, so I was just looking to apply it to a few things. This is mostly trial and error at the moment, just checking out what ‘works’. As I type this I am working on something else for the project, but I will put it up later on so I don’t have too many large images in this post.

Unfortunately the scanned pages didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, but if you tilt your screen to a good angle you can see the images properly !

More very soon.



Here are some snaps of the outcome from my most recent uni project. The white covered book is the outcome, and the green book is my sketch book (see previous post for info on that!) I’ve already spoken quite a bit about this project, so I won’t repeat myself. But if you fancy knowing more about this, check out my past posts!


Just a quick post on what I plan to do throughout my time at uni:

When I’m working, I prefer to work on separate pages. I’d buy a sketchbook, but always end up ripping the pages out and switching the order around. This meant that I would get stuck at the end of my project when I would be expected to show my work in some sort of order – so I found a way around this!

These are books that I have hand-bound myself. For each major project I do at uni I’ll be making these books as a separate outcome. By the end of the year I’ll [hopefully] have a really nice collection of work that’s great to look at. Each project will have a different coloured cover, so a bookshelf of these would look great!

It involves A LOT of effort, especially trimming down all of the pages to fit together as one book, but I think the outcome is worth it. I know it really doesn’t look like much now when I stack them up together, but soon it will be cool, I promise!

Once I’ve made a hearty collection of these books I’ll post up a picture !


Here is a finished set of pictures – I made 4 stories in total, so this is just one. I’m binding all four stories into a neat book as we speak (and trying to get PVA glue off of my hands!)

A quick re-cap of the brief: I had to buy an object from a charity shop (my object was a model of a canoe – I think!) Then I had to create a set of 10 drawings with the object in mind for the first week. For the second week we were presented with two briefs that ran alongside each other. One was to find some facts out about the object and really explore it in-depth. The other was to then (hopefully) use this found information to create a narrative. These last two briefs ran for 2 weeks (plus an extra ‘reading week’ where ‘technically’ we weren’t scheduled to be in/do any work-ish).

I’ll put up a couple of pictures once I’ve finished the final outcome !


I thought I’d just put up some pictures of what I have at the moment. Each individual page has been mapped out and hand drawn separately. It’s taken the best part of 3 days to get this far, and I still have to colour them all in!

I’ll definitely be putting up some pictures once I’ve finished the outcomes. What d’ya think?


This is my first ever screen print, so it was mainly to get a taste of what it is, how it works etc. I had so much fun, and it’s so hands on – I love it!

I used the drawing from my current project (see below!), and added a few block colours to it. Maybe I could’ve done a better job with the colour combination, but I’m just glad I managed to get through my screen printing workshop without any disasters! I definitely plan to use this technique in the future, and hopefully I’ll get a bit more confident and experimental with it as time goes on. This is quite a short post, so I thought I’d tell one story from this picture which I will eventually make into an illustrated book along with other myths, legends and tales.

Xtabay Women

One Mayan legend is the ancient tale of the Xtabay women. If you were a young man walking through the forest at night, you must make sure you don’t come into contact with these spirits. Any soft whispers and sweet songs must be ignored so as to not be drawn in. It is also advised to keep your eyes firmly in the centre of the path, for if you catch a glimpse of the beautiful lady’s eyes you will render yourself helpless to her. If you are unfortunate enough to gaze into her eyes, you will be overwhelmed by love. She will beckon you over, and you will not be able to resist. You will feel her embrace, only to then fall into a deep hypnotic sleep.When you wake you will find you have ¬†fatal wounds, and realise that you have been embracing a spiny cactus. These wounds can be fatal, which will cause fever and often death.


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